DefiSign Life AED

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The DefiSign Life AED provides clear spoken instructions and is very easy to operate. Built from high-quality components. With 10 (!) Year warranty.

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DefiSign Life AED

DefiSign | From AED to wall cabinet; accessible and visible

In addition to the DeSign Life AED, functional products such as interior and exterior wall cabinets, wall brackets and signs, to increase accessibility and visibility of AEDs.

AED wall cabinets

Wall cabinets

AED Wall Brackets

Wall Bracket

AED Signs

AED signs

Rescue kit

AED rescue kit

Kiss of Life

Kiss of Life
DefiSign is a manufacturer and supplier of functional products such as indoor and outdoor wall cabinets, wall brackets and logo signs and stickers. Tol increase the accessibility and visibility of AEDs.
DefiSign was created to raise the profile of AEDs. By using our products you will improve the accessibility of both public and private AEDs, enabling an emergency situation to be handled more quickly. Meaning more lives can be saved!
Green is the official ILCOR* colour. Green is an eye-catching colour. Every rescuer will look, during an emergency, for a green ILCOR AED cabinet, wall bracket or sign. This allows for quicker and more efficient action. An AED identified by these green products can be made available more rapidly. This can save lives.

* ILCOR stand for International Liaison Committee on Resuscitation

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